Ed Brosky

I am honored to be running to represent some incredible neighborhoods like Green Tree, Crafton, Elliott, Scott Township, and Sheraden.

The truth is we can be doing a lot better. Our current Rep is putting his own political career ahead of the needs of our community. He has consistently sold us out while making his donors rich.  We need a change.

My Positions

Support Small Business:   Our community is built around small businesses and we must protect them. One way we can help support our small businesses is by increasing the number of stores that are able to sell beer and wine. It is unfair that only Sheetz and GetGo can sell beer & wine. PA should be like every other state and enable the neighborhood corner store to sell beer & wine and thus profiting an extra $100k each year. (According to Ohio LCB Study)  

Privatize State Liquor Stores:   By privatizing, Pennsylvania could raise over $2.5 Billion dollars which could be reallocated to support our schools and seniors. I would also redirect money from the Johnstown Flood Tax towards boosting school funding and reducing the property tax burden on our senior citizens.   (Commonwealth Foundation) 

Ensuring Community Safety:   By being tough on the causes of crime we can protect our community from becoming less safe.  People don’t just wake up one day and think to themselves “I think I’ll steal a car today”. We must ensure that our young people have the knowledge and resources to believe that they are capable of being productive members of our community. These days college is very expensive and so I want to make sure that every high school graduate is taught personal finance and business so that we can best prepare students for success in the modern world. 

 Vote Brosky for Change!

Election Day Is Nov. 8th 2022








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